Mermaid Choices: Being Selective

It’s amazing all the choices we have in life. Sometimes those choices are easy, sometimes they are difficult to take. Always remember that when one door closes, a whole host open. At this moment I want to get your thoughts on the creative process, social media and social causes. Don’t forget to leave your comments below!

I am always excited when I make a choice that I know is a good one, like honouring honesty or valuing friendship! 

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Its the time of the year where I get to choose fabrics for next season. Oh, how I enjoy that process! Choosing textures and colours that will work with a specific design is sometimes a daunting task (I’ll save you the administrative process I go through with the textile company, for example export rights). The creative process is pearl in the oyster. I sit with my swatches and play with the colours for a couple of hours until I think I have a nice balance. 

Sometimes our daily choices get in the way of our happiness, or don't contribute to our happiness. Check our our 3 practical tips below. It's always a fantastic choice to be happy! For more on that read Karen St. Hill’s article ‘The Art of Living a Happy Life’. An excellent article by a beautiful Mermaid. 

Social media is a choice too. There are so many interesting, funny, critical, informative and not-so-nice social media on the web. I personally find it difficult to manage sometimes! 

My amazing graphic designer and long-time friend Dominique taught me that you have to think of business pages or accounts as if they were real people. So if you were to follow Sea Reinas let me tell you who you would meet: an amazing woman who values female companionship, who is not scared of transformation and reinvention and who wants to be at the forefront of adventure, whether that be travel, reflections or new experiences!  Let us know if you choose to follow or not! 

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A bigger choice I made last week was to join Sea Reinas as an actor for a UNWOMEN campaign. I can’t share all the details yet but keep a look out for upcoming news. Any social cause is a commitment. Commitment is a choice that we make to fulfill our goals or our obligations towards an objective. 


Here are 3 practicables tips I have on being selective or making choices: 

Reflect: reflect on all the ideas and variables in a situation, the positive, the neutral and the negative. 

Write the ideas and variables down on a piece of paper. Not on the computer! Physically writing with a pen and paper allows your brain to fully connect with the concepts, no matter how abstract they are! 

Crowdsource: sometimes you already know what you want to do, let’s call that the “gut feeling”. But if you are really torn, crowdsource. Pitch the ideas to a trusted friend or fellow Mermaid from the community. If this choice is a committment, make sure you have an accountability partner, for example if you want to arrive at work an hour early make a deal with the security guard or a colleague that if you arrive 5 minutes late you owe them a coffee or 10 pushups.  When involving others you should always take their ideas or comments with a pinch of salt, a pinch of sea salt that is ;) 

Love you Mermaids, you are an inspiration to my life xxx