Fear ­ The Nasty Little “F” Word!

By: Mikhaila "Gigi" Farier 
Philosophically Creative Sartorial Stylist and Blogger Extradonaire! Paul Mitchell hairstylist, Fashionista, Singer and of course, Mermaid! 

Fear ­ A stinky little bug that takes over our minds when we could be achieving greatness!
I have often daydreamed about all of the things I would love to do, filled my mind
with a plethora of imagery and a mélange of successful flavours and then boycotted them all, out of a fear of failing. I would sit and think about all these amazing outcomes and then somewhere along the line a dirty little negativity monster would whisper ‘what if you fail?’ in my ear and bring me to my knees. I would hardly consider the element of flight any longer and , let fear take over my mind.

Here’s the thing about fear ­ IT’S NOT REAL. Consequently, it’s a thought ­ a
reaction our body has to a psychological construct developed in our minds. If that is indeed the case then we ought to ask ourselves ‘what ought to be more important? The manifestation of the negative’ (fear)? ‘Or the awe­inspiring feeling that comes with the fruition of a positive thought’ Or simply put, living the life we truly desire!
So, let’s break this down into four easy fear fighting points and consider it an accomplishment list.

­ Our thoughts influence our actions. I truly believe that if we fill our minds with positive thoughts we are more likely to also create an incredible reality. Essentially, if we invest our energy into thoughts of greatness, success, and living and not simply existing we begin to exhibit and practice behaviour that supports the quality of life we truly desire. We develop feelings of fear when we try to read our future and since none of us is an oracle, I think we should realise that it is impossible for us to see our failure before it even occurs. ... And you know what that means? It means fear is a fallacy until proven otherwise. So before you give another moment to empowering fear, consider empowering faith. 

­ Fear feeds failure. But faith? Faith feeds really beautiful things. It’s fascinating to me how we often seem to invest hours into worrying about what may go wrong instead of being productive and simply having faith in all that could go right. Imagine that when you have faith in what you are doing your subconscious seems to find ways for you to actually achieve things. I say make faith your favourite new “F” word. Whenever you find yourself slumping into a moment of innate ear battle it with thoughts of dynamic faith ... the kind of faith that isn’t about a specific religion but rather is ascribed to mindfulness and being aware of the entirety of our capability. 

Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 8.52.02 AM.png

­ Let’s be realistic, sometimes we develop fears for seemingly realistic reasons; like past experience or the observation of similar situations around us. In a sense, we feel like the possibility of not being successful seems reasonable, and, perhaps to some extent, it is. However, I propose something I find a tad more reasonable ­ What’s the worst that can really happen? Think through possible outcomes realistically and rationally and prepare a solution which is not a lack of faith but rather a simple preparation for a rainy day.

Faith leads us and wisdom sustains us. Be wise. 

­ I strongly believe in never losing your childish innocence while gaining your adult wisdom. Moreover, I fully ascribe to falling back in love with your childhood bravado. Remember when you didn’t even understand the concept of fear? When heartbreak, a job loss, or any of the atrocities of this sometimes cruel world had no impact on you? You were young and fearless and smarter than you knew. Your confidence was profound and essentially I think that’s something we should never lose. If you feel you have already lost it, work on rekindling your love for fearlessness ... After all, what’s better than living the life you deserve?

Gigi styling our Bom Dia Prai top in the garden. She is a true mermaid, can always transform at a moment's notice!

Gigi styling our Bom Dia Prai top in the garden. She is a true mermaid, can always transform at a moment's notice!

Go forth fearlessly and believe in yourself faithfully... Forget fear and use your new favorite “F” word Faith ­ the positive belief in the unseen! 


What are you opinions on the F word - Fear? We want to know! 

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