How to build a successful business the Mermaid Way

 Those of you who follow us on our blog will know that I leave the blogging to your mermaids.  Those of you will follow Sea Reinas on instagram and twitter will know that now, I have a lot to say! 

Sea Reinas is exactly 5 years in the making. From the lunchtime I skethed my original logo design off a brown paper tablecloth down to sitting in front of my computers for 7000+ hours… We have had many ups and downs, which my Mum kindly referrs to as the “Russian mountains”!

But today, we are proud post-exhibitors of Swimshow! 

Having said that…and not wanting to give too many secrets away too early, here are my top 5 tips for building a successful business and personally developing at the same time! 


  1. Jot all your ideas down on paper and start trying to discern trends. Use a collage board or pinterest to collect thoughts. Be as specific as possible, as graphic as possible and as redundant as possible. This really does the trick. It also comes in handy if you need to show someone else for funding or prototyping. Overall, it helps you create patterns. 
  2. Keep it simple. I know, I know… it sounds so boring but keeping it simple is the best way to start a project. If you want to make dresses, start with 2 and once you have photographed them to pieces, then sell them. Then make 5 more and 5 more etc. Then when you have a strong following, go to the factory and make 100. 
  3. Look around you. Check out things your competitors are doing, what is trending. Look in your immediate environment. Talk to people in your immediate circumference who know a thing or two about: administration, networking, developing, anyone who might be able to get you a foot in the door. Trade and barter. I have worked with many accomplished artists by trading artistic services. P.s. Don’t forget to thank them! Ask people’s opinions and listen for suggestions. I was a bit resistant in the beginning. Everyone all of a sudden becomes an expert or know-it-all. People were often negative towards my project or ideas… but listen and take each comment with a grain of salt. You are going to learn to be thick skinned, so could as well start from NOW.
  4. Turn the bad into good. When someone turns you down find out first WHY. Ask a million questions, you deserve to know. Then ask for a referral. If they have turned down your project, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the project is bad but it might not be for them. I find that if you scratch a little past the surface sometimes the truth can be surprising. Example, a client was interested in my product but they were hesitant. I soon found out that their business was struggling and they needed a cheaper option for the next few years to rebuild their company and compensate for their loss. “Why, how, when and where” are your new best friends. Listen and listen carefully. 
  5. Be tenacious, be worldly and above all be kind. I try and be kind to every single person that come into contact with in the day. Sure, sometimes its hard. But if there is one thing in life you will be remembered for it is your smile and generosity. The culture of you will be what they buy into. 

So those are my 5 condensed tips, I hope they make sense. Perhaps I can abridge this or expand in the future. I’ll do a separate post on Organization. 

Go into the world my little mermaids and continue to be awesomely perfect! 

Don’t forget I am here designing and whizzing away for you!!! 

Ever curious, ever wanderlust, ever Sea Reinas. xo