How to Wear a Crop Top Bikini by Sea Reinas

Designer Diary 

I personally have never worn a crop top anywhere, I was always too scared to show of my tummy! But when the croptop trend rolled in, I decided to embrace it. Change for 2017 no? This style has actually been most popular with the young... and young-at-heart. Girls like to wear it to the beach or paired with high waisted shorts. Mature women love the right amount of arm coverage. Both love the opportunity to show off those feminine back muscles. Win, win all over! Isn't Dianna gorgeous in this style?  Her dog Bones seems to love Sea Reinas too! 

Terrific News

We have been waiting a while to share this terrific news, Sea Reinas is now on AMAZON! 
For our international mermaids, click through here to purchase the Saint Peter top in Mediterranean print! Remember, the nautical is sold out!!!! You can also come and visit us in store at Limegrove to purchase this style! 

Mermaid Memories 

Here are our other favorites: Lauren Gill, Nina Thomas and @onehappywanderer . Hope these Mermaids inspire you to try something new this summer! Love youuuuuuuuu......,barbados.jpg