Find Your Perfect Mismatch

Find your perfect mismatch or mix-and-match at SeaReinas®! We love building our own swim wardrobe for the perfect summer suit or getaway essentials. What's the trick? Picking beautiful prints and mixing them with complimentary solids. Here's the quick guide! 

1. Pick 2 Prints


Pick prints that suit your skin tone! We create prints that are universally flattering! Matching top and bottom? Check! 

2. Pick 2 Solids


Gem tone or pastel, bold or soft. Complimentary solids allow you to interchange and enhance your natural beauty! Printed top and solid bottom or vice versa! This is your #myseareinasstory show us how you do Mermaid beach fashion!

3. Choose a Classic Style

Classics are gorgeous - celebrating great fit and focusing on your true beauty! 

4. Choose a NEW! Style


Step out of your comfort zone and pick new styles, what about a low-back one piece? 

What's wonderful about SeaReinas®? Mix and match within collections and across collections. From year to year we create items that are interchangeable to help you build up your stunning, personalised collection!