5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Barbados NOW



While they are not always pink - they are always my favourite. Sitting on any west coast beach sipping a rum punch or a fresh coconut. Sunset and what ensues, magic hour is absolute bliss. Try and catch the "green flash" when the sun sets over the sea and the last beam of sunshine floods through the crystal water. Spectacular. 



Yes Bajans do complain at times - but they are some of the smiliest people you can find. Charming, warm and hospitable. Always in for a good time. Need directions, no problem. Just make sure you remember where the mango tree, cow and Dr. So and So are. They will all be part of directions here.



Our little island isn't all beach and sunshine, there is a savoir-faire that comes with these beautiful gifts. We enjoy fun in the sun but we also like to go out, drink, dance and have a good time afterwards! We enjoy great street food from vans or quaint rum shops where we can pickup treats like flying fish, pickled breadfruit, macaroni pie, cutters (sandwiches) and pudding and souse. We love cocktails including our special rums, the rums that invented rum worldwide and ... cold BANKS beers.  


Green monkeys are unique to Barbados and West Africa, having come over with the slave ships during the colonial period. They are so much fun to observe especially at the Barbados Wildlife Reserve where you can see them in their natural habitat. Their babies are born a blue-ish colour and are extremely curious. 



Magic is what I call everything else. Whistling frogs at dusk, bustling culture, crazy use of language, the smell of night blooming jasmines or frangipani flowers on an evening walk. The sounds of reggae buses or ice cream trucks as they jingle by. Swaying of coconut trees and people laughing. 

Come and visit Barbados and let us know what you think of our island paradise!