3 Effortless Steps to Exude Etiquette Today

"Good manners reflect something from inside -- an innate sense of consideration for others and respect for self." - Emily Post


By: Rayana Bayley Garrett
Marketing Specialist, Retired Ballerina and Mermaid

Rayana Bayley is a marketing specialist from Barbados. Retired ballerina, she epitomizes the transformative mermaid that is Sea Reinas, a bohemian fireball which has light up the cities of New York, Austin and Brighton. 

Being an honorable person is what truly matters! 

Being an honorable person is what truly matters! 

We live a life of constant immediacy set forth by advancements in technology, news and media. As a result, a whole new set of challenges arise. In my opinion, people do not behave any worse than they used to, though living in our fast-paced society with its numerous impositions may give this impression. Basically, we sometimes just have too much information to deal with that it takes its toll. It is therefore more important that we try to make common courtesy intended in everyday communication.


Manners are a way of life: respect yourself first and then the world

Manners are a way of life: respect yourself first and then the world

While manners are adaptable to the times and generally are now more situational, they are still very much based on the fundamental principles of honesty, consideration and respect. 

1. Always be honest and act sincerely and with integrity. Try to understand where the other person is coming from, empathize with them to find a truth that is positive without embarrassing them or causing pain.

2. Be considerate, be appreciative, be kind. Remember to think about how your actions could affect those around you.  Etiquette is not the recipe for 'properness,' it's just a guide for doing things in a way that make others feel comfortable in your world. 

3. Recognize the value we hold as human beings and respect it regardless of where they come from. Stay open minded and do not think any less of someone because their ideas or opinions differ from your own. Etiquette is not solely for the wealthy and privileged.  It is a code of behaviour that should be adopted by everyone - it is incredibly valuable and costs absolutely nothing. 

Being respectful is also intentional. So be on time, dress appropriately and give your undivided attention to each and every person you encounter. 

It is also very important to respect yourself. If you love yourself, you can excite confidence in others. Who cares about what you look like or what you do, being an honorable person is what truly matters!  See Kia's post on confidence.




Civility (human decency), is the conventional glue that holds our society together. Etiquette gives us the ability to face whatever comes our way in this complex and ever-changing world with strength and sincerity. Be forgiving and understand that nobody is perfect! When you achieve this, not only will you set the tone for a wonderful day, you are also doing your part in establishing a civil society. 

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