Ocean: Sacred vs. Scared

I have a love-hate relationship with the Ocean. Now, nobody that knows me would think that. 

Spending 3 years creating a beachside luxury company doesn’t throw up red flags. 


Let’s just say that all this yoga has cleared my mind and today I can say it with confidence. 

What doesn’t break you can only make you stronger. There is something really stupid about growing up, you leave carefree and move towards careful (thanks Melody for the analysis). 

I spent the better part of 20 years carefee in the Ocean. Swimming, surfing, diving. It amazes me that my fingers aren’t permanently wrinkled. My concept of hydrotherapy is standing getting battered by waves at the Crane and coming home for a nap! 

Crane hydrotherapy at its best 

Crane hydrotherapy at its best 

I remember one of the first times I was scared by the Sea. I was jumping waves when a tall, powerful wave crashed, separated my 5 year old hand from that of and adult. I got pummelled and felt suffocated in the soup for a “little” too long. 

That wouldn’t be the first nor the last scare the Ocean has given me. But, I shouldn’t  emphasize  the water as the cause of many misfortunes. The Ocean is one of the best gifts to our planet!

View from above 

View from above 


Isn’t it funny that there word “scared” is just a letter removed from “sacred”? 


My relationship with the Ocean is like that: I honour it as “sacred” but sometimes it “scares” me.


It is a playground, a constant source of adventure. It has allowed me to have beautiful, long swims with turtles, to tickle the tummies of seahorses rocking on the sandy floor. I have piano-ed my fingers cross the sand to find sandollars and starfish. I have come close to pancake-sized -leopard-printed stingrays. I have swam in it its body under a belly of stars and felt it pull my inner gravity towards its depths. 

It is a landscape from which to learn and grow, a source of mystery and amazement. 

Sometimes I can swim so hard and when I am too tired I turn over towards the sky and let my body melt as I float under the sunshine. 

The Sea, the Oceans, the waves are all sacred to me. But they are scary at times. 

But love and hate are so contradictory in a relationship. How can you feel polar opposite about the same thing at different times? So what’s the connection? I have finally figured it out. 

Photo credit: Marco Andre VIA pinterest


Both feelings, love and hate, ask you to do the same thing: .....


Read my blog on Monday to find out!!!!