How to Wear a Onepiece Swimsuit by Sea Reinas

Designer Diary 

I designed the Parrot onepiece to give the illusion of a smaller waist. Throwback to the original version of the Parrot, with the side ruffle. Hola! Since, we have simplified this onepiece and made it available to you Mermaids in so many prints and colors.

New Additions

Visit Sea Reinas Limegrove to check out the mediterannean, cactus, nautical prints as well as mint. Just a reminder that Apricot, Titan White and Black are SOLD.OUT in store. For our international mermaids, click through here to purchase the Parrot onepiece in Mediterranean print and Black! 

How we style it 

  • With shorts (preferably the tulip Emilee shorts, available at Sea Reinas Limegrove in cream!) 

  • With a wrap skirt (coming soon, the Sabrina wrap) 

How you style it 

  • with a floatie 
  • with a pup 
  • by itself 
  • with a mufassa mane
  • with a cute cover-up 

Mermaid Memories

So how do we feel when you join the Mermaid Community? Faaaabulousss!!!! Here are is to some beautiful #mermaidmemories captured by our lovelies... I hope you enjoy these swimmies as much as they do! Let us know how you wear your parrot onepiece or any of our other signature styles. Love ya! 

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