Top 10 Swimwear Trends 2020

Summer is here and the key summer trends for swimwear are going to absolutely blow you away! Get ready and make room for new bikinis.


Thank those IG babes for hiking up their bikinis for this trend. Feel free to hike it up or wear dangerously low. These bottoms are so skimpy its Don’t let your sunscreen miss a spot or your cheeks will be crispy.


While on the high street animal print has been claimed the “new neutral” there is nothing ordinary about it on the beach. We love our new Barbados animal print - bet you can “spot” our favorite island Barbados.


Thank goodness for this - doesn’t it just ooze sunshine and salty days? If you don’t believe me check out what Lauren Eggertsen of “Who What Wear” has to say about it

Parrot Onepiece - Mango
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While floral is here to stay, we prefer delicate feminine floral and not loud punchy Hawaii prints. Check out our BeeBee print from the Botanical Barbados collection.

Toucan Onepiece - BeeBee
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Orange is definitely the new black. It’s no secret I am a huge fan of Hermes and its blissfully bright hue.

Low Back

If you have scrolled through your pinterest feed and felt totally left out of this trend you aren’t alone. The great thing about this low back suit is the side coverage and plunging neckline.

Toucan Onepiece - Black
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Ruffles have made a huge comeback this season in laser cut suits. We love the drama without the trouble ;)


This summer’s key word is definitely going to be nostalgic and bandeau tops have “no tan lines” and sexy shoulders built into their DNA.

Natural Bust

Which leads onto the natural bust. While we totally believe in support, cup sizes A - D can go with a natural bust look which is the newest craze of sexy right now.

Laser Cut

Laser cut is huge right now throughout South America and now making its way into the US in swimwear.

Cartagena Bottom - Black
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