Tulum: Travel Guide by Sea Reinas

How to choose the perfect honeymoon destination? Figure out what you want. We opted for a beachside location where we could either relax or stay active in the water. 

 Tulum offers reasonable accomodation and food, with a romantic, disconnected vibe. People are super friendly and the nature is gorgeous. When you arrive, you will fall off the grid. Enter feeling of calm. Highlights include massages on the beach, nature, ethereal sunsets and swings, yes swings at every turn. Perfect for the everyoung. 

Far away from the hustle and bustle of Cancun. Here is a quick snapshot of the best dos of Tulum. #nofilter

By the way, bring bug spray (we love aromaflage), a few sunhats and a small torch for walking along the dusty seaside road at night.  

Best Beaches

The beauty about Tulum is that there is literally one stretch of Beach. There are some really beautiful hidden dive spot that you must check out. We enjoyed diving with MexiDivers.

The style is to have lunch, rent chairs and sit by the bar at different beach clubs. I'll post my favorites below. 


Best Eats 

  • Casa Banana - Al fresco Argentine parrilla grill with a bomb mixologist
  • Posada Margherita - beautiful Italian resto. Delicious pasta & seafood
  • Viento del Mar - Italian hotel with beachside service, best ceviche ever
  • Hartwood - A NYC dive come Tulum very exotic and a little pricey
  • Juana La Diavola - low key pizzeria


Almost everything in Tulum looks better from your rented bicycle! 

  • Sian K'han nature reserve - we waited til 9 am near the entrance to the reserve and found an exclusive guide. He worked with the native communities that control the entrance and took us on a beautiful boat tour to see manatees, crocodiles, small mayan ruins etc. At the end he dropped us at a spot along the Mayan boat canal where we drifted for 30 minutes until we reached him at the boat. It was the highlight of our trip.
  • Mayan Ruins - We visited the Tulum Mayan Ruins which had breathtaking views of the ocean. 
  • Grand Cenote - This cenote was beautiful with a bat cave. The water is a little chilly, so bring a rash guard or a tee shirt. 
  • Diving the 2nd largest barrier reef in the world, with Mexi Divers

Beach Clubs

  • Viento del Mar - we stayed at this hotel which has a garden pool near the beach. They specialize in ceviche and cocktails. We mostly drank our favorite, Sol! 
  • Coco Tulum - this beachside spot is connected to Juana la Diavola rest. They specialize in aguas frescas. 
  • Posada Margherita - we used to come down here in the early evening to watch the sunset, but I believe they offer beach service during the day.


Minimal shopping in Tulum, but a few treasures can be found below 

  • KM 33 - South American accessories with a story, specializing in jewelry and bags
  • La Troupe - Specialized in clothing and swimwear
  • Posada Margherita -specialized in clothing, accessories and swimwear

Best Bikinis in the World 

Don't bothers 

There are a couple of things I wouldn't bother doing again, so here is the very short list. 

  • Tulum town - Tulum town is a small, underdeveloped town with some serious tourist trap artisanal marketplaces. Not worth your time.
  • Renting an ACV - we rented an ACV little jeep for half a day. We had to return it within the hour as the sun was so hot in August, we couldn't even sit in the jeep.


We couldn't fit everything into our trip but I will explore these on my next trip, maybe you can fit them in! 

  • Puntalen -  If you visit the Sian K'han you can push a little farther and visit the fishing village of Puntalen. Its supposed to be magical. 
  • Spa - Yaan Wellness Spa. I am definitely coming back here and checking in for 2 days! 
  • Azulik Eco Hotel - for infinity views of the ocean from you bedroom in an eco (bush style) hotel
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