Barbados. Sunshine flooded beaches, the smell of fresh rain and the sound of the whistling frogs at dusk. 

Nostalgia is the heart of the Caribbean.
A girl. No! a woman - who loves to put on a swimsuit and dance. 

 This would catapult itself into the feminine, effortless brand - Sea Reinas. 

Fresh, minimalist and slightly sensual for the liberated woman.
Beautiful stories told through images of everlasting beauty.
Connecting the right woman with captured memories.

Curated, creative and carefree.


Sea Reinas luxury brand represents individuality and creative freedom.
From the Gold coast of Barbados, Designer Isabelle Baulu creates understated collections in soft, romantic handwriting.
Authentically escapist, unique details come to life in garments that convey meaning, story and emotion.

Magical realism, everlasting beauty, fleeting holiday euphoria. 

Ultimately feminine, flattering silhouettes, prints and embellishments empower our Mermaids, to curate their own collections- creating deeper fashion meaning.
Sea Reinas. The romantic, playful brand of the Caribbean. 


Sea Reinas was inspired by the latin word for ‘mermaid’. 
Mythology conveys mermaids as benevolent, elusive and mesmerizingly beautiful.   
This icon was chosen to support the 3 pillars of the brand - reinvention,
kindness and everlasting beauty.
Illustrations of a bohemian mermaid and waves were reduced to create an
abstract mermaid tail and a typography to match . 
The golden logo distinguishes luxury, minimalism and romance.
Our singular identity - our global appeal.
Mermaids are how we lovingly named our following.